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Oriane Morriet is an independent screenwriter helping film directors and producers to develop stories, write scripts and draft artistic portfolios, both in English and French. She is currently working with the Paris-based production company OHNK. She is also developing her own virtual reality project : Under Water.

Screenwriting & Scriptdoctoring


Oriane works on short and long feature films. She is experienced in writing for fiction, documentary and new media. She also consults as a scriptdoctor.


Some projects :

  • Screenwriter of “Le Refuge” by Vadim Alsayed, produced by La Fémis (short – 2017)

  • Screenwriter of “Galatée” by Lucas Marchina, produced by La Fémis (short – 2017)

  • Consultant on “Footnotes” by Kostia Testut and Paul Calori (feature film – 2016)

Content Writing

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​Oriane helps film directors and producers to write portfolios for presenting their projects. She is also specialized in writing blog posts and website content.

A selection of works :

  • Writer of the artistic portfolio of “Lucienne in the Sky with Diamonds” by Bertrand Guerry, produced by OHNK (January 2020)

  • Writer of the artistic portfolio of “Mères Femmes porteuses” by Thierry Bohnke produced by Mitiki (November 2019)

Under Water


Oriane is the screenwriter of Under Water, a virtual reality dance experience, developed in collaboration with the Quebecois choreographer Caroline Laurin-Beaucage and Quebecois director Chélanie Beaudin-Quintin.


For the development of the piece, she has received a grant from the Centre National du Cinéma (France) : Fonds Nouveaux Médias (September, 2019).

She completed a 6-month artistic residency with Le Laboratoire des Récits du Soi Mobile at Université de Montréal, Canada (2018-2019) and at Agora de la Danse (may, 2021).

Teaching Screenwriting


Oriane loves sharing her knowledge. She teaches screenwriting courses and workshops for wide audiences in multiple countries.

Some courses :

  • Introduction to Screenwriting - Smith College, Massachusetts, USA (2014-2015)

  • Storytelling for the Screen - Université de Montréal, Canada (Spring semester 2020 and Spring semester 2021)

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